Are you an expert — especially in business, workplace, or career issues — who wants to get broader exposure for your work? I’m actively seeking co-authoring and ghostwriting projects with professionals whose ideas have significant potential for a popular book but who need help shaping their ideas into something publishable. I’ll work with you to outline the idea, develop a book proposal, and find an agent (if necessary). Once we receive a contract, we’ll write the manuscript as a team.

I’m the co-author of Working in the Dark: Keeping Your Job While Dealing With Depression (Hazelden, 2002), the first and only book to address the particular workplace issues that confront people with the “common cold of mental illness.” Written with organizational consultant Beth Gulas, it offers 100 questions and answers about depression at work, from “Is my employer entitled to know anything about my depression?” to “Is my job driving me crazy?”


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