My main focus is business, technology, and workplace issues, but I’ve written about everything from street food to tubal ligations. Here’s a sampler:

“From E-Business to V-Business”The Digitalist, September 2016
How consumer demand for virtual reality will force businesses to change the ways they manage and operate.

“Digital Disruption: When to Cook the Golden Goose”The Digitalist, March 2016
The question for most companies isn’t whether to adopt new digital business models alongside their legacy businesses. It’s how to survive the transition.

“In a Box of Old Love Letters, Romance is Reborn After 70 Years”Tablet, November 2014
My flea market find sent me on a multi-year journey to untangle a tale of love, war, and politics.

“Managing at Warp Speed”Aon One, Q1 2013
In an era when we’ve come to expect an immediate response to our every demand, how do organizations and managers satisfy the craving for speed without skidding out of control?

“Flirting With Disaster”Entrepreneur, April 2011
Three franchisees bounced back from floods and fire. Here’s how.

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