My main focus is business, technology, and workplace issues, but I’ve written about everything from street food to tubal ligations. Here’s a sampler:

“Primed: Prompting Customers to Buy”Digitalist Executive Quarterly, May 2017
Digital is threatening the human and physical interactions that have offset customers’ innately irrational behaviors. We need new ways to prompt customers to buy.

“How AI Can End Bias”Digitalist Executive Quarterly, January 2017
Harmful human bias—both intentional and unconscious—can be avoided with the help of artificial intelligence, but only if we teach it to play fair and constantly question the results.

“In a Box of Old Love Letters, Romance is Reborn After 70 Years”Tablet, November 2014
My flea market find sent me on a multi-year journey to untangle a tale of love, war, and politics.

“Managing at Warp Speed”Aon One, Q1 2013
In an era when we’ve come to expect an immediate response to our every demand, how do organizations and managers satisfy the craving for speed without skidding out of control?

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